Leather Products

Leather Products


 Awesome Leather Goods For Your Every Day Life

We are Shabs Store, and we create honest, high quality, functional products to help you carry better.

Our products are designed to reflect our unique point of view, our style, make the little stuff better, and we don’t stop until we get it right.

We combine incredibly high skilled craftsmanship, a touch from the heart and the finest materials available.

Exclusive Leather Quality Products, Delivered Real Fast

Our leather goods using techniques passed from generation to generation and using 100% rich full grain leather.

Our dedication and experience help us create unique goodness in the work we make, and ensures your leather companion can last you a lifetime of happy service.

Unique Leather Gifts

With our diverse range of Premium Leather goods and accessories, you’re bound to find something that relates to your fine taste in quality and panache. Our small leather goods collection boasts beautiful and elegant leather accessories including leather Wallets For Men, camera straps, desk mats and cable organisers.

If you’re a leather laptop case lover, and who isn’t these days, frankly speaking – then our premium leather sleeves will help you give your precious portable computers all the protection they need, while being bathed in style and luxury. Even if you need complete protection for your iPad or Macbook. With our Macbook leather sleeves and ipad leather cases we’ve got you covered.

It’s hard to visualise a man always on the move without a quality leather travel bag. From leather organisers called Nomads for your iPad and Macbook to Men's leather bag – we love catering to those who enjoy travelling in luxury and uncompromising elegance.

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